Welcome To Our Cavapoo Blog

An informative guide for Cavapoo dog owners who want to learn more about these popular Poodle-cross breeds.

About Our Cavapoo Website

This Cavapoo blog was born out of a need to let the world know that these cute fluffy dogs can also come in a host of different sizes and varieties. In fact, did you know that there are now over 40 different doodle types? Sweet, cuddly, intelligent and low-to-non shedding, there really couldn’t be a better cross-breed.

Finding the right dog is like searching for the love of your life. The same qualities apply. You want them to look cute, have an abundance of personality and fit in well with your current lifestyle needs. This is why a doodle dog is not only an ideal housemate, but a lovable (often lickable) furry friend.

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